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Aggressive    Experienced    Successful



Aggressive Representation

♦  If you're charged with a crime and the government is trying to take your money and freedom, you need someone on your side who is Aggressive and willing to fight for your rights.

♦  I've spent nearly two decades Aggressively fighting for Justice in Federal and State courtrooms throughout the Miami Valley. Prosecutors know that I'll come to court prepared, willing to fight, and ready to do everything necessary within the law to protect and defend your rights.

♦  You deserve, and should demand, Justice in your case. You need Aggressive Representation to help you get it. I can help.



Experienced in Criminal Defense

♦  To successfully defend against a Criminal charge, you need an attorney that is Experienced in Criminal Defense, someone who has been in all the Courts, appeared before all of the Judges, and worked with all of the Prosecutors. I have the Experience that you need.

♦  Criminal Defense has always been a major part of my practice. I've been handling and winning Criminal cases in both Federal and State Courts since 1991.  

♦  I've successfully defended clients charged with everything from High Profile Murder to Simple Assault. I have the Experience necessary to effectively present and argue your case to a jury, and I understand what it takes to win.  



Record of Success

♦  Below are a few examples of my success at getting Justice for my clients:

      ♦ 2008  My Client was charged with Murder and was facing a mandatory Life Sentence. After several months of aggressive representation, I finally convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charge to Involuntary Manslaughter, allowing my Client to avoid the mandatory Life Sentence.

      ♦ 2005  My Client was a 16 year old charged with Murder and was facing prosecution as an adult and a mandatory Life Sentence in an adult prison. I successfully argued that the case should be kept in Juvenile Court where my Client received only a short period of confinement in a juvenile detention facility.



*   Give me a call for a FREE Consultation. Let’s talk one-on-one and work out a payment arrangement so that you get the experienced attorney that you need.