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Experienced    Aggressive    On Your Side




♦   I've been handling Divorce, Custody, and Support cases since 1991. I've successfully represented many Husbands and Wives in Domestic Relations Courts throughout the Miami Valley. I fully understand the many factors considered by the Judges, the Procedural Complexities and the Legal Issues involved, and the Controlling Law. I have the Experience that you need. I know how to effectively prepare, present, and argue your case.




♦   I understand that a Divorce, Custody, or Support battle is very important to You and that You're willing to fight for as long as it takes to win. You want and need an Attorney that has the Courage and Aggressiveness necessary to help You Win the Fight.

♦   When I take a case, I Commit to Win the Fight. I don't believe in half efforts, and I never hope for half victories. You need and deserve Aggressive, Experienced representation. When you put your trust in me, you get my Full and Complete Commitment to Fight and Win.  



On Your Side

♦   I understand the emotional strain caused by a Divorce or Custody battle. It can often be a very difficult and exhausting experience. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever, and many times it seems like You're alone in the fight.

♦   You need someone On Your Side, fighting for You. You need someone that's willing to Stand-Up for You, not just act as a paid representative to Stand Beside You.

♦   When I Take a Case, I Take a Side.  I do everything possible within the law to make sure that Your Voice is Heard, that Your Argument is Presented, and that You Get Treated Fairly and Respectfully. I don't just Stand Beside You, I also Stand-Up for You. I'm On Your Side.



*   Give me a call for a FREE Consultation. Let’s talk one-on-one and work out a payment arrangement so that you get the experienced attorney that you need.