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Amazing Attorney

Mr. Malocu is an amazing attorney. I have known Mr. Malocu and used his services 5 times over the past 10 years and all outcomes have been successful. Mr. Malocu will definitely produce results.

Sasha Brown

Knowledgeable and Professional

We recently engaged the legal services of Frank A. Malocu. We found him to be knowledgeable and professional. He contacted us in a timely manner and kept us informed of the progress of the case. We felt his legal fee was reasonable. We do not hesitate to recommend him to others for legal services.
Brian and Jerralyn Wood

Jerralyn Wood

Patient and Understanding

Mr. Malocu was amazing he was always so patient and understanding. With me having a record already he had a lot of work to do for me. Court wanted to give me time somehow some way Mr. Malocu worked his magic and got me probation. The cost of having him was nice too. Thank you Mr. Malocu you and your team were great I appreciate u all.

Melissa Shaw

Quick and Stress Free

Frank did an amazing job representing my publication divorce. The entire process was quick and stress-free. I will definitely keep him in mind for any future needs.

Eric Hall

Phenomenal Person

Frank is a phenomenal person with good intentions. He wants the best for his client and is an overall great Attorney. Much love for Frank.

Austin Moore

His Services Are Truly Priceless

Frank was the best lawyer I have ever had the pleasure of using. He turned a bad time in my life into the start of a whole new beautiful chapter. I would do anything to be able to find a lawyer like him for my current custody issue. They just don’t make them like frank, he advocates for his clients, he fights, he makes sure that the outcome is the best he can get for his clients. If you want someone you can put all your trust in, his services are truly priceless and he is a true, honest and hard-working lawyer and his drive will blow any other lawyer clear out of the water because he is the absolute best.

Maria Cormos

Highly Recommend

So Frank A. Malocu, what can I say about the guy? He’s amazing! One of the few attorneys that will actually listen to your case and give you honest reliable feedback before taking your money. So many attorneys want thousands of dollars to even hear anything you have to say. This guy got me out of one of the scariest times in my life and did so for a more than reasonable price, couldn’t possibly thank him enough, would highly recommend to anybody in need of help!
Frank, thank you so much!!

Michael Nichtm

Very Pleased and Would Highly Recommend

Frank handled my case very thoroughly and got me off with a deal that was equal to or even better than some of my co-defendants, depending on how you view it, who paid over 2 grand for a different attorney. He made sure I was relaxed through the wait and held onto his word when the day came. Very pleased and would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks, Frank & Nicole!

Todd Musick

Informative and Understanding

What can I say except 5 stars doesn’t do Mr. Malocu justice! 10/10 best attorney in the Dayton area! He is very informative and understanding when I first had a consultation. Made me feel so comfortable in the process and made my worries disappear. He’s very much into each case he takes on. He always keeps in touch even with his personal cell to make sure you’re at ease. He got my DV charge which is a 1st Degree Misdemeanor (which cannot be sealed from your record), reduced to a Disorderly Conduct, a Minor Misdemeanor. And a year later he got it expunged from my record! He saved my life and family! You and your teams' expertise is unmatched and I would gladly recommend your services to anyone. Will go to anytime I’m ever in legal trouble. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Helped Me out Tremendously

Mr. Frank Malocu helped me out tremendously! You can’t ask for a better lawyer, if your looking for a lawyer that’s going to stand for you and help you through anything, this is the guy!


Someone Who Would Care Enough

Mr. Malocu came highly recommended from some close friends and family! I had a whole host of legal issues and needed someone who would CARE ENOUGH to pursue a good outcome for me and not just line his own pockets.

He was a tad expensive but I guess the saying rings true, you get what you pay for! Overall he got me a great deal, even better than I expected and I would definitely recommend him to friends and family!

Thanks again Frank and hopefully i never have to call you again!

Aaron Beery

Clear and Concise

Mr. Malocu does exceptional work. I could not be happier with the service I received. Because he is clear and concise while explaining things, I felt safe making decisions; and when I talked, I was heard. You will feel comfortable talking to this guy. He made himself available, and always responded regardless the ugly circumstance the world is in. He went above and beyond mine, and my family's expectations. Having to hire a lawyer can be a scary process. I wish a lawyer like this lived in every state.

An Bourbon

He Got Me the Best Deal Ever

A big thank you to Mr. Malocu who helped me with my dui he does exceptional work. I could not be happier with the service I received. He made himself available, and always responded He went above and beyond my expectations and took into consideration of me being a single mom making a dumb mistake He got me the best deal ever I would recommend him to anyone thanks again !!!

Kristina Stansell

Best Lawyer Around

Best lawyer around. He handled my case 3 years ago and was on vacation when my case started and he worked through phone calls on his own personal vacation to get things moving and get what I needed in that moment done. He was communicative during the whole process and I was never in the dark about what was happening. Hopefully, I won't need to but if I ever needed a lawyer again, he'd be my first call.

Sarah Frazier

The Most Respectful & Competent Attorney

Frank is one of the most respectful, competent attorneys I have ever met. His reputation precedes him. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone and I have done so to several people. Thanks, Frank for being incredible at your job!

ra p

Reviewing Frank and His Guidance

Frank helped me through a very stressful time always calming my fears. Explaining ever step in the procedure. Explaining what could happen and helped with my decisions, not telling me what to do, but we came to the same conclusion. Also Nicole his paralegal exceptional and I thank her for all her help in guidance make a great team

Mark Scott


Frank is the best attorney I have ever had! I went to him for a domestic violence case about a year ago and he settled everything without me even having to go to court and recently used him for a dui and I was almost sure I was going to jail but that didn’t happen! He’s a very smart man and I would recommend him to anyone having problems


Best Lawyer

My case somehow turn into a high-profile case! Frank did not sugarcoat it with me! He gave me the truth and he work harder than any lawyer I ever had towards beating my case. Frank is a caring family man and a good lawyer best for the money!!

Anthony Clemmons


Frank saw my husband and I immediately to discuss our son. He right away calmed our fears and let us know everything was going to be alright. He did a great job representing our son and received compliments from the judge as well! We would recommend him to anyone who needs help!


Highly Recommend

He returned our calls promptly. He gave excellent advice. Beyond that, he gave us a real peace of mind that he would be available to advocate for us when we needed. I called during a difficult time and I slept better that night for it. I’m very grateful for his council.


I’ll Definitely Recommend Atty Frank

He is very understanding especially I’m from different country that speaks different language. i just leave it all to him, and everything went fine. my case now is closed already from DUI.


An Amazing Man and A Hell of A Divorce Attorney

I hired Mr Malocu to handle my divorce after reading his reviews. Needless to say, I was not left disappointed in the slightest. He made the whole process as smooth as possible with my circumstances and he did not sugar coat anything. He laid everything to expect out on the table, discussed my options, and we went from there. I went into court and he bent over backwards to get not only what I asked for, but much more. He is definitely worth whatever the cost and I highly recommend Mr. Malocu for whatever the reason or case. My family appreciates everything that this man has done for us.


OVI Case

I just hired this lawyer for a OVI case who by the way got it reduced
down to a reckless operation I would highly recommend him for any of your needs i could not be more happy with the outcome i would hire him again if need be !! very pleased with the results thanks again frank !!!


OVI Case

Frank was the best possible attorney I could have hired for my OVI case, went above and beyond and the outcome was better than I ever could have hoped. Honest and fair pricing, would recommend to anyone looking for a great attorney who knows what he is doing !


Excellent Attorney

Frank was able to get a serious misdemeanor charge dropped down to a minor traffic violation. What would have cost thousands of dollars in fines, jail time, a suspended license and probation, I just ended up pay a $100 fine, no jail time, no license suspension and no probation. Also, his quote was half of what other attorneys were going to charge. Highly recommended!

A satisfied client

Criminal Law Attorney

Where do I start? I'm so glad I found this attorney, as there is not any advertisements out there for him unlike other attorneys via commercials, radio, etc... The day I made an appointment with Mr Malocu's firm was the best decision I ever made, he was very professional, non-judgmental, and efficient as well as affordable.. He has a great reputation with area judges and also a ton of experience. I'm so thankful since day one he showed that he cared and took my case very seriously all the way through until the end. The outcome was incredible and would have been very different for me if it weren't for Frank. My run-ins with the law and my previous record should have carried jail time for me but Frank got me the best deal with no jail time and its all because he is an amazing lawyer with so much time behind him in this field and again his reputation he's carried with prosecution, other attorneys and judges. people respect his recommendations and opinions and it really helps with the overall outcome... most of all he shows compassion no matter what your situation is and strives to show others ways they can help you be better as a person.. I thank him for another chance... and I will without a doubt hire Frank Malocu with any of, or all of my future needs. I recommend this attorney to anyone whom wants to be treated fairly and accurately throughout the court process. He's the very best, better than those who have been on tv commercials and/or radio stations... trust me I've hired them in the past... Thanks again Frank!

Ashley Purnell

This Guy Was Amazing!

My attorney had me in New Lebanon on the 16th of January. I was sure I was going to walk in there, and not come out. Frank reduced my charges, went to bat for me, and did it with a smile. Don't second guess public defenders. Go to Frank. You won't be sorry.


Helped Me out With An OVI

I hired Frank after getting arrested for an OVI. After the first meeting with him, I was very confident that my case was going to have a positive outcome. Frank got my OVI dropped to a different charge, got my other charges dropped, and got me out of serving jail time. His price is also very reasonable compared to what I was expecting.


Taking Care of Business

I was referred to Mr Malocu. And right away in had a good feeling , he gave me a discount for being referred, i was excited about that. He heard my case, took it all in and was able to handle it with care and prestige. When I heard how he was able to convince the courts to go in my favor i was truly happy and bless. He was well worth every penny.. thanks again.